A quick hit on a Friday afternoon: In the last 24hrs, I’ve had a “Cluetrain at 10” panel come together for Defrag.

I’ve blogged about how much The Cluetrain Manifesto affected me, and I’m really glad to say that three of the four authors (Chris Locke, Doc Searls, David Weinberger) are now people I count as friends (weirdly, I’ve never met Rick Levine). Yesterday, I was emailing with JP Rangaswami (who contributed a new chapter to the 10 year edition of Cluetrain) – and reignited the idea of a “Cluetrain at 10” panel.

As of this moment, I have Doc Searls, Chris Locke and JP Rangaswami committed. I’ve invited Rick Levine (who is in Boulder) and David Weinberger – and am hopeful we’ll have them there as well. If we end up with Doc, Chris, David and Rick on stage, I believe it’ll be the first time that all four authors have EVER been on stage together. If, for some reason, we’re not able to get David or Rick there, it will still be an absolutely wonderful discussion.

I’m sure there are plenty of you out there that will agree with me when I say that A) very few books have changed my life; B) even fewer of those books are in the business/technology category; and C) only ONE book that talks about “marketing” (kinda) falls in that category – and that’s Cluetrain.

I was gonna find someone cool to moderate this panel, but then I realized – “nah, I’m doing this bad mamajama myself.”

Needles to say, I’m giddy. Breakout your old Cluetrain copies, or even better, go pick up a 10yr edition (with multiple new chapters), and join this conversation — it may be another 10 YEARS before you get this chance again.

(it turns out that the registration tab at the top of the page is borked. we’re fixing that. in the meantime, you can register here.)

Update: Doc tells me there was one time that all of the authors were on-stage together – back in 1999. So, basically it happens once per decade. 😉