One of the earliest phrases that I hit upon to help describe Defrag was “networked knowledge.” The idea was that it was something past “knowledge management,” where the knowledge is a passive component in a managed space; and into the idea that the knowledge was an *active* component in the system. You can see my early attempts at speaking about this in the language on the Defrag site (“augmenting networked knowledge”).

That idea — that knowledge is not simply a passive, managed asset, but an active agent in a system that is working for me — is the core of what we’re exploring. Accordingly, I’m very happy to tell you that Nova Spivack will be joining us at Defrag to talk about his view on things. We actually have three sets of people working really hard on this problem — Alex Iskold (AdaptiveBlue), Eran Shir and Jon Aizen (Dapper), and Nova and his team (Radar Networks). The in-room (and resulting hallway) discussion between all three should make for some interesting conversations.

If you’re wanting to “bone up” on the subject prior to Defrag, make sure to read Alex’s stuff over on Read/WriteWeb, and then check out ZDNet’s and Read/WriteWeb’s coverage of the launch of Twine.