Did I mention that Defrag’s Early Bird pricing expires tomorrow?

The Enterprise Irregular Track on the Defrag agenda is starting to take shape. It’s not up on-line just yet, but I wanted to get it posted here asap, so that folks would be able to see it prior to taking advantage of the early bird pricing (that’s expiring tomorrow).

The EI’s are focusing on “Platform Shifts” and the changes that brings. As such, we’ll have

Jeff Nolan on Social Plaform Shifts and Their Impact on Business

Michael Krigsman with a panel discussion on Moving to the Cloud (private, public, hybrid)

Steve Mann on How Go-to-Market Strategies are Impacted by Platform Shifts

Charles Zedlewski on Rethinking the Analytics Platform

Ray Wang on How Social and Platform Trends are Converging to Rearrange Business

Sigurd Riddle on Why Platform Shifts are Irrelevant (Warning: Contrarian Alert!)

…and, for the record, if you type “platform shifts” enough quickly, you eventually miss a critical “F” — resulting in “platform sh…” — well, you get the idea. 😉

Needless to say, the addition of the EI track to the existing Defrag agenda (getting updated shortly) is amping things up in a BIG WAY. I know it sounds like braggadocio, but I truly believe that you will not find a more insightful two days this fall — I’ll put us up against ANYTHING running, and I hope you’ll come find out why we’re different. Join us.

P.S. Did I mention that Early Bird pricing expires tomorrow? 😉