cross-posted from the Blur blog…if you’re not registered for Blur, see below and join us.

We’ve finalized the floor plan for Blur (the agenda will be updated shortly; it’s finalized as well), and it is DAMN exciting. Without further delay, the things that you’ll see at Blur:

Orbotix: the robotic ball you control from your smartphone or tablet (and it just keeps getting better).

Shapeways: a 3D printing marketplace and community.

Flomio: NFC for your iPhone or iPad.

Organic Motion: marker-less motion capture.

Ideum: a 55″ LED/LCD multi-touch table.

Makerbot: 3D printing with the Replicator 2.

InteraXon: thought-controlled computing.

QFO Labs: high-tech, gaming quadcopters.

Printrbot: 3D printing with Printrbot Plus.

Sensus by Canopy: the first touch sensitive case for your iPHone.

Zugara: augmented reality software.

Just click through and check those things out. Now imagine all of it in one room, throw in some drinks and appetizers, and have at it.

side note: a big thanks to our non-physical presence sponsors Occipital and the Kauffman Foundation.

If you’re not coming to Blur yet, and you’d like to join us, use the code “bifr12” to get in for $318 bucks (that includes all sessions, meals, open bar reception AND access to all of this *cool* stuff).