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Yearly Archives: 2007

“around the US?”

I just read this post about Facebook choosing their first possible companies to fund — and the good news is that the companies get to present at locations “around the US.” Quoting:

“We’re scheduling a series of events around the US at which we invite you to give a 10-minute presentation of your proposal.

We’re currently […]

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An interesting thought on the eve of 2008

Remember all of those VCs rushing off to invest in China and India. And everyone in the media telling us about how China’s economy is about to overtake the US, and how entrepreneurs (and tech entrepreneurs especially) need to be getting into those markets.

Well, it turns out that the essence of those messages may […]

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Sticky thinking

Brad and I (and Seth) have started to kick around some ideas that could end up being something we talk about as an extension to Defrag, or it could (maybe) end up being a conference unto itself. The group of ideas is something we’re referring to as “Glue” — ie, the stuff that is […]

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Defrag a “top pick” for high impact conferences

I awoke this morning to a nice little holiday treat: Read/Write Web has an article listing Defrag as a “top pick” for high impact conferences (the other two are ETech and SXSW — so, good company). 😉

I love setting the bar high in year one, it gives us so much more to aim for […]

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Congrats to NewsGator

I’ve been “out of the office” for a few days, and am returning to find that NewsGator has closed on a new round of funding. Huge congratulations to the team there. I’ve known Jeff Nolan for several years, and have recently gotten to know Greg and JB. They’re a great bunch of folks working […]

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Mourning Marc’s passing

I met Marc Orchant only once — at the most recent Defrag. In the few minutes that we spent interacting, I found Marc to be a highly engaging, open and giving individual. And everything I’ve heard from his peers supports my sentiment and so much more.

And so it is with great sadness that I’m […]

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Defrag 2008

We launched the Defrag 2008 site today. There are still a few kinks, but I’m running under the “release early and often” mantra.

If you weren’t at Defrag in November, you’ll probably want to check out the attendee quotes and photos.

And, as you’d expect, we’ll be updating the site with all of the exciting stuff […]

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Thinking of Marc Orchant

Marc Orchant, who I just met face to face at Defrag, has suffered a massive heart attack, and he is now in critical condition. Our thoughts are with Marc and his family. We hope that Marc’s recovery is speedy, and that we see him back and blogging soon.

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Weinberger speaks

If you weren’t at Defrag, you may have heard about David’s wonderful conference-opening talk (it actually brought one audience member to tears). If you were there, you’ll probably want to absorb it one more time (I’m doing so with Sunday morning coffee). In either event, you can find it in the fifth “entry” on […]

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Jeremy’s slides

I’ve been collecting presenter slides from Defrag (amongst other things), and this morning I awoke to a note from Jeremy Zawodny saying that he didn’t want to create Yet Another Account — while handing me this link to his slides.

I am so totally with Jeremy on this one. What I really want is a […]

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