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Yearly Archives: 2008

Avoiding the innovator’s dilemma

One of the weird parts of my “job” is to look beyond what attendees say they want to hear more about, and give them things that I think they *should* hear more about (i.e., to provide them with stuff they haven’t thought of yet). Call it the “innovator’s dilemma” for conference organizers. Too often, […]

Not predictions, or pontifications, but…

This morning I’m thinking about how weird and wonderful and topsy turvy the next 3-5 years are going to be. I’m thinking about “what if” scenarios. Not predictions. Not pontifications. Not even well-reasoned thought. Just “what if” scenarios…

What if…the Foundry Group, Jeff Clavier, YCombinator, Union Square, TechStars “method” of being a VC became the […]

Defragging Defrag

Another Defrag is done, and things turned out very well. I’ve already thanked attendees, sponsors and speakers privately, but let me say this again publicly — THANK YOU — we are quite obviously nothing without all of you. 😉

That said, I spend around 2 months post-Defrag “pondering” what went right and what went wrong […]

The Systemic Anomaly

Call this an “off-topic” defrag post, though not totally off-topic…

At the end of the day yesterday, I plopped on the couch, firmly ensconced in “potato” mode, and caught the last half of The Matrix Reloaded. Remember when Neo meets the architect, and they walk through his existence as “the One.” It turns out that […]

T minus…

Insert your analogy here — we’re rounding the final bend, etc and galloping to the Defrag finish line.

Registrations continue to roll-in and I’m beyond excited. If you’re thinking of coming, it’s still not too late.

A snapshot of the defrag crowd

I’m kind of figuring that most of you already know whether or not you’re coming to Defrag, but on the off chance that you haven’t made your mind up yet, let me help. Come. The crowd we’re assembling is really gonna be something. Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the companies you’ll be […]

Getting inspired with the Rays

Yes, the video kick continues – 😉

Enterprise 2.0 – the walking dead?

Is enterprise 2.0 “the walking dead?” I think not.

My first attempt at video

Yea, this video thing may not last. We’ll see…

The day ahead – speaking with Chris

Amidst the day of endless details that make up the two weeks prior to a conference, I’ve got a phone call with Chris Shipley to discuss the sessions she’s involved with at Defrag – and I’m looking forward to it. Folks have long known Chris as one of the smartest folks in tech when […]