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Yearly Archives: 2011

Announcing SKV

I’m pleased to publicly announce the existence of something I started thinking about roughly 18 months ago: SK Ventures.

It all began as I started to notice companies that I thought I wanted to be an angel investor in. That spark of curiosity turned into a conversation with Brad Feld, where basically I just wanted […]


10. No, it’s not the only Pearl Jam album I’ve ever owned (or liked). Or the number of yards to a first down in the NFL. Or even the number of white russians the defrag staff will have after the show is finished (not me – they have a thing for white russians; personally, […]

Last Chance?

It always bugs me when I see conferences do their “last chance to register” email. I mean, I know it’s standard operating procedure; hell, I’m probably going to do one today. But it still bugs me. It’s one of those “marketing speak” things that just feels insincere.

So why am I doing one today? Because […]

A Personal Note

Five years ago, we started Defrag.

The “we” part of that sentence is always assumed to be Brad and Eric. Or maybe, Brad and Phil and Eric. But that’s not true.

Five years ago, I had built and sold a tech conference with two friends, but I’d never “done it on my own” — which is […]

Tea Leaf Reading

If you’re into reading tea leaves (and I’m a big fan), then you’ve been having fun lately.

The pace of angel investing has most definitely slowed down (and I still say AngelList is more of an indication of a bubble, than a fundamental change in how startups get funded), the funding wall (wherein angel funded […]

The Tao of Brad and Defrag

I woke up this morning, let the dogs out (we have a doberman and the world’s largest golden retriever — really — he’s 130lbs), and sat down to watch this talk that Brad gave at Stanford. If you know Brad, it’s a lot of stuff that you’ve heard him say before, but it’s a […]

Programming as Job-Engine

Originally this morning, I was going to blog something about Mary Meeker’s slide deck, and how the last recession saw the growth of e-commerce, while this recession is seeing the growth of mobile adoption/commerce — but honestly, I’m not sure I have much more to say than that.

Then I was thinking that I’d blog […]

Defrag 2012

Yes, we’re focused on Defrag 2011 – I mean, check out THAT agenda (and please note that the agenda does not yet reflect the addition of Aneesh Chopra, CTO, The White House to the keynotes). But amidst all of that, I wanted to put our stake in the ground for our Defrag 2012 dates […]

Defrag: 10 Things to Expect

A weird thing happened on the way to Defrag this year: we announced we were capping attendance at 300 (to make sure the quality of intimate conversation is maintained), and a bunch of people who have never come before registered. A bit odd, right?

And then this morning it hit me: there’s a whole group […]

2 Things: Keynote Addition and Hotel Rooms

It’s a Saturday, and Defrag is 25 days away, so a quick post…

Two things:

1. I just confirmed Aneesh Chopra, CTO for the White House, as a Defrag keynoter. If you’re keeping track, you now have authorities in mobile (Tim Bray), big data (Roger Ehrenberg), tech policy (Aneesh Chopra), economics (Paul Kedrosky), business lessons (James […]