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Yearly Archives: 2013

Knowing More About Nearly Everything: A Look Ahead

This is a guest post by Joe Burton, CTO and SVP of Technology, Development and Strategy at Plantronics. Joe will be delivering a keynote at Defrag (Invisible Infrastructure, Prescient Technology, Meaningful Data: Communications 2025 and Beyond) at 4pm on November 5th.

In the past 10 years we were introduced to some incredible technologies that have profoundly […]

The State of Things

This morning, announced a hackathon prize of 1 million dollars for their upcoming conference. 1 million dollars. To a single winner. It got me thinking back on the cyclical nature of the tech industry.

I got involved in running tech conferences back in 1999. In 2000, the dotcom bust happened. It was a nuclear winter […]

Defrag’s Code of Conduct

*sigh* It pains me that I even have to write this, but, it seems that some people still don’t understand what is and isn’t acceptable behavior (and speech).

As such, let me make this as simple as possible:

Defrag is an open, inclusive and welcoming community. That means that we will not accept any behavior or […]

The Final Agenda

Well, there it is. What I started on back in July/August has come to fruition. It’s always easy to get caught up in the excitement of any current agenda (because it’s new), and think that it’s the best one you’ve ever done, but as I look at this, I can honestly say this is […]

Defrag Student Passes

Every year, we like to offer a limited number of discounted student passes for Defrag.

This year, we’re offering 10 student passes for a price of $195.00 each. To apply to receive one of these discounted passes, all you need to do is email me (enorlin AT with your name, school you’re attending, and […]

25 and Counting

We’re now 25 days out from Defrag. That means that next week, the few “TBA” slots on the agenda will be announced, and Kim and I will begin the final preparations for the show.

If you’re thinking about coming, it means you still have plenty of time to book a cheap flight, grab your discounted […]

Women in Tech Scholarship

One of the things we like to do with Defrag every year is offer some scholarships for people that, for whatever reason, would not otherwise be able to attend Defrag 2013. This year, thanks to AT&T (and Laura Merling), who are sponsoring this program, we’ll be offering five free passes to Defrag under a […]

Drones, Robots and AI

One of the great things about this year’s Defrag is that, toward the end of day 2 (continuing into day 3), we begin weaving in topical elements that a) you won’t normally discuss at tech conferences and b) they all wind together into an evening reception that is going to amaze and delight (and […]

Recent Agenda Additions, pt 1

The Defrag agenda is entering that period of 3-6 weeks out from the show, where there are a lot of changes, a lot of additions, and a lot of firming up, as we head toward the “final” version. As I’ve said in the past, my method of constructing an agenda is fairly dynamic, and […]

Early Bird Ending

Defrag’s Early Bird pricing ends this week. The price covers all 3 days of the conference – including all sessions, meals, open bar evening receptions, schwag, and the world’s greatest wifi at a tech conference (really). At just over $425 dollars per day, it really is a screaming deal (if you don’t believe me, […]