We’re 29 days from Defrag, and things are about to all fall into place. The final agenda gets posted this week. The registrations are rolling in. The amazing people are prepping to gather. And you do NOT wanna miss what’s sure to be our best Defrag yet.

With that in mind, here’s how Morning 1 of Defrag is shaping up:

We kick off with Alex Wright talking about the “deep history” of oral culture and social networks.

We follow that up with a talk about “innovation culture” from Vivek Wadha (if you’re not reading Vivek’s articles, do so).

And then we get some insight into being a “corporate renegade” from Laura Merling.

Coming out of the morning break, we launch into a block of speakers that includes Esther Dyson, Jeff Dachis, Maggie Fox and Mark Dowds — addressing topics like exploration and innovation, privacy, and social business.

You’ll notice the topical sweep of morning 1: begin with culture and move into topics related directly to culture. The reasoning is, of course, simple: culture is key. If you wanna tame the data tiger, you’d better bring the whip of culture (sorry, pulled that one outta my you know what).

I always feel like I’m not conveying the “brain stretching” that occurs at Defrag very well – and I hope you’ll get a sense of that from how morning 1 is structured. I’ll start to walk through the rest of the agenda over the coming days.

In the meantime, the flights are cheap (you can come from either coast for under $250), the hotel rooms are cheaper ($149/night until October 29), and the experience is simply un-paralleled.

You can hit up the other conferences and find yourself enjoying “free pass” expo floors, crappy wifi and nearly irrelevant product pitches. OR, you can come to Defrag and see what a conference is supposed to be like.

I hope you’ll choose to join us.