I’ve been emailing back and forth with Andy Kessler about his Defrag keynote (okay, I emailed and just asked him for a session title; he did all of the substantive emailing). The keynote is titled “Be Soylent – Eat People” — which is a great title, but may not really convey what Andy will be discussing. As such, Andy’s kindly given me permission to quote a portion of our email exchange (without giving too much away) to help explain things a bit more:

The project that i’ve been working on is a set of filters or rules on how to find things/trends that go up and to the right. so many business ideas or projects or careers sound enticing, but have no staying power, they’re one and done’s. how do you find order amongst the chaos?

one of the rules is Be Soylent – Eat People.

it ends up being a roadmap for the next set of jobs that will be destroyed (and of course, shine light on all the jobs that will be created, more than making up for the jobs lost)

Bottom-line: Andy’s gonna start us off (opening keynote) with an amazing framework for considering the rest of Defrag’s topic sets. You *really* don’t wanna miss this, and you certainly won’t get this elsewhere.