I can’t imagine that anyone has missed the devastation that has occurred in Colorado as a result of the recent rains and floods. It is, in a word, heartbreaking.

My wife and I don’t reside in Colorado, though we did until 2005. And, of course, Defrag takes place in Broomfield — all of which is to say that we feel a very deep emotional connection to Colorado (and all of our friends there). As such, we’ve been wanting to give to the effort to help the cleanup from the floods. To accomplish this, we’re partnering with the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado (EFCO).

Defrag’s early bird pricing ends this Friday. And for all of this week, we’re going to donate $250 dollars from every registration to the Foothills United Way Flood Relief Fund (in partnership with the EFCO).

If you’d like to come to Defrag, and pitch in to help out the victims of the Colorado floods, then register for Defrag this week. You’ll save some money on your registration, help out some communities in need, and end up at *the* tech conference this fall.