Jeremie Miller has written a great post about “the meaning economy” — and touches on a lot of what we’re trying to explore at Defrag.

“To give meaning to information, is to make it useful, to have context, to enable understanding, to empower. Information simply exists, a commodity, dimensionless…Why is it then that our current most modern Meaning Economy is a text box dictatorship? Why in such an advanced civilization have we become Knowledge Peasants whom are so easily placated by the black magic of our Governor? Am I the only one wondering why these commercial boxes own such an important social function: what everything means?”

Jeremie goes on to call for open protocols for networks of search functions. Its an interesting area, and one that fits into some of Defrag’s focus around next-level discovery.

Defrag started around the idea that information was “swamping the boat,” and that some technologies were starting to address that huge problem. The act of *discovery* –be it through blog intelligence tools, collaboration spaces, or bringing context and relevance to aggregation — is the big, hairy elephant in the Defrag room

Right now, we’ve got a bunch of blindfolded vendors, feeling the elephant, describing different pieces.

And we can only start to get to “meaning” when we all realize its an elephant we’re describing.