There is too much, and not enough.

Too much information, and not enough time to process it. Too much knowledge locked away in the corner’s of other people’s minds, and not enough tools that help expose it. Too many twisty knots of overloaded information confusion, and not the filters to hand me what I need when I need it. Too many sites, widgets, snippets, tidbits, documents and files, and not nearly enough brain power to do it all by myself.

There is not enough, and too much.

Not enough options for finding what I need, and too much to find. Not enough guidance on how to actually move efficiently through the gold mines of data, and too many gold mines. Not enough time, and far too many things to accomplish. Not enough in resources – knowledgable, actionable resources (both external and internal), and too many convoluted “solutions” that don’t solve my problem.

The inexorable march of data distribution and fragmentation leaves us with two sides of the same coin: too much and not enough. That is the knot to unravel. The mound of data to wrestle to the ground. The drive to defrag.

…and we’re working on it.