Fred Wilson and Josh Kopelman take Jason Calacanis to task (if ever so slightly) over his definition of “Web 3.0”:

“Web 3.0 is defined as the creation of high-quality content and services produced by gifted individuals using Web 2.0 technology as an enabling platform.”

Blecch! If *that* is the next “version” of innovation (even if it is simply iterative), then I’m getting out of the tech industry and going into trucking or something, because just about anything sounds spicier than that. Wow.

Thankfully, Josh and Fred point to the “implicit web” as a starting point — and Josh, rightfully, speaks to the implicit web’s somewhat opaque definition.

Hey, I agree. From day zero of Defrag, Brad and I have been circling around definitions and ways of describing, and we’ve both arrived at some “standard” ways of talking about things that we think are implicit web-worthy. But even now, you can hear the subtle differences in the way Brad speaks about it and the way I speak about it — and that’s precisely how we want it.

Defrag (cue standard self-promotion) is all about us wanting to bring a group of really smart folks together to A) define the space and B) start working on the problem sets. Yes, we’re coming in with some presuppositions, but not so many that the group can’t take the whole shebang in a different direction if it so chooses. In one sense, Defrag is like one giant product management/feedback/focus group session for multiple vendors — all of whom are working on a *piece* of the Implicit problem.

Fred and Josh — will you be joining us? 😉