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The most significant news of the day

by Eric Norlin on Nov.02, 2007, under industry stuff

I said before that the whole OpenSocial announcement left me kind of flat. Don Dodge is feeling similar feelings. So, while the Valley *freaks* out and echoes its way into hysteric proclamations of Facebook’s death, I’d like to point out the *truly* significant news of the day:

Cisco acquired Securent.

Sounds boring, right? Just a security company being bought by Cisco as they try to figure out their identity and access management strategy, right?

Wrong and wrong.

Securent is an authorization and policy management company. Securent was not purchased by the security group inside of Cisco (so, note to every tech journalist out there, stop filing this story under “security” - ugh), it was purchased by the COLLABORATION group inside of Cisco. Ahhh, and things get interesting-er…

Now, take this one bit of news and combine it with Microsoft opening up Sharepoint to accept claims-based authorizations (that’s a bit technical, but basically you’re no longer chained to Active Directory), and suddenly the light begins to shine.

John Chambers (of Cisco) has been sounding the trumpet about “enterprise 2.0″ technologies for months now. In fact, you might remember that Cisco also acquired Webex. The purchase of an authorization management company by essentially a collaboration company tells us that collaborative tools are about to get *serious* inside of the enterprise. All of which goes back to the thesis that Brad and I have been kicking back and forth — that 2008 is the year of the beginning of the enterprise IT spending surge.

So, while all of the fanboys are busy doing the social graph dance, the current of real value (and money) is flowing beneath them.

Sure, pay attention to the OpenSocial stuff — but realize what it is — so far, nothing.

And then watch what is becoming reality — a wave of enterprise spending on “collaborative” technologies.

By the way, if you’re coming to Defrag, you’ll be hearing more about this from Michael Barrett, the CISO at PayPal…

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